Deratsueigar is a Zangyack Imperial Guard sent by Ackdos Gill to assist Warz Gill.


Deratsueigar arrived on the Gigant Horse, attacking a couple of Gormin, he chided Damaras for not being able to conquer an planet like Earth. With a new ally from his father on his side, Warz wasted no time in sending his forces down to Earth, he was accompanied by Deratsueigar, Barizorg and a Gormin army. After Kaoru cut down every Gormin Sailor in her path, a Zangyack army led by Warz, Barizorg and Deratsueigar beamed down to the scene, only to be confronted by the Gokaigers. All of the Gormin Sailors and Sugormin units were eliminated by the Gokaigers, who turned their attention to Warz. Deratsueigar then faced the Gokaigers in protection of his superior. The Gokaigers changed into the Zyurangers, but were no match for Deratsueigar's swordsmanship. They changed their strategy and use the Dynamen keys, but Deratsueigar is impervious to the Super Dynamite attack. Still having more fight in them, the Gokaigers change into the Gingamen. GingaBlue charges toward Warz while the other four latch on to Delzeiger, but Barizorg forces him to change back into Gokai Blue and a sword fight ensues. It was soon revealed that Barizorg was Joe's old friend. Captain Marvelous was wounded trying to protect Joe in his confusion, Warz was also wounded in the gunfire, forcing him, Barizorg and Deratsueigar to retreat. In their next battle, he is killed by the final wave, and enlarged, then after sending in a massive army of sugoumin, is killed by Shinken Gokai-Oh's Samurai Giri.

Superhero Taisen

Deratsueigar have recurrent and join Dai-Zangyack. When Dai-Shocker and Dai-Zangyack reveal their alliance and fight against the combined Super Sentai and Kamen Rider forces. He is seen fighting GaoRed, ShinkenRed, and DekaBlue.