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If that had been a real gun, you would have killed me, right? Who's the madman now? You're one of this insanes who don't care if they shoot somebody.
~ Der Springteufel to the driver
Schnuffi, schnuffi, schnuffi, schnuffi, schnuffi, schnuffi, schneuff, schnuffi, schnuffi, schneuff, schnuffi, schnuffi schnuffi, schnuffi, schnuffi,schnuffi, schneuff, schneuff, schneuff, schnuffi, schnuffi, schnuffi, schnuffi, schnuffi, schnubedi, schneuff!
~ Der Springteufel, singing to the melody "Fuchs du hast die Gans gestohlen!"
I beg you to believe me, this man is a dangerous psychopath! He's insane. INSANE! INSANE! But you can't treat me like a felon. I think you're insane yourself, you're his accomplice. You're insane! COMPLETELY INSANE!
~ The driver tries to convince the police that the hitcher is the maniac

Der Springteufel (in english: "devil-in-the-box" or "Jack-in-the-box") is the protagonist villain of the German thriller movie with the same name. He's played by Dieter "Didi" Hallervorden.


He was in the asylum for an unknown reason and it's suggested because the man's quote that the doctors would tell you that you're insane until you really go insane, that the doctor's truely told him to be insane until he became mad. He broke the neck of a doctor known as Hugo, who also gave him his nickname because he always wanted to get "out of the box" and escaped.


During the movie he's a hitcher whom a businessman took with him. The insane man starts to ask him questions about his life and tells him about his hobby to collect toys (for example he disturbs him with a doll he calls Pippi). When he says that he's hungry and driver refuses to stop at an restaurant because of an appointment, he takes a gun and forces him to stop. While they eat the driver tries to call for help, but fails. He manages to escape, only to be stopped by an armed "Springteufel" in his car. When they continue to drive (this time the mad man drives) the "Springteufel" talks to him like the driver would be the mad man and he would be the driver, revealing that the hitcher is truely mad. Then they stop again and the psychopath forces the driver to surrender "his" clothes, then the mad man drives the car and hunts the poor man in his underwear. The driver succeeds in climbing a small mountain, only to watch a horryfying halluzination of a laughing "Springteufel" staying on the mountain. The driver falls and gets picked up by the mad stalker. The stalker takes the "mad" man with him and later stops again to call the police. The driver takes the gun and forces the psychopath to go into the bush to wait. When he tries to shoot the gun turns out to be a toy, so the driver runs away and hides in a house where he's caught by the psychopath again who surrenders him to two arrived police men who don't believe the driver that the other man is the "Springteufel" and drive away with him while the true psychopath leaves. In the car, the driver tries unavailing to convince police that they caught the wrong man. At the end, we see the true "Springteufel" smoking a cigar and driving the car.


  • Dieter Hallervorden often takes the Springteufel for example that he doesn't play only funny roles