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Der Klown

Der Klown, is a minor antagonist  in comedy-horror film "Krampus". It is a demon that takes the form of a human size Jack-in the Box toy and a minion of Krampus.


When the two girls, Jorden and Stavie head into attic they are attacked by Der Klown , as Tom, Sarah and Linda look around they soon find the creature swallowing Jorden whole, while the family deals with the other evil demon toys, Der Klown attends to escape through an air vent as it try to get it open , Linda is about to hit it with ax but she is too late, Der Klown had gotten away.

Soon after the family hears the evil jack-in the box roaring as it can't find it's way out of the house, Max then sends Howard's dog, Rosie after it, after the dog finds and attacks the creature, Der Klown then comes cushing through and on the floor, Aunt Dorothy is about to shoot and kill it wit Howard'shootgun, however it then starts clapping as the family hears a noise from outside, and then the elves break into their house and retrieve Der Klown. As it gets pulled away, Howard grabs on to Der Klown and gets taken away with it too.

Der Klown is last seen on the demon sleigh when Max shows up to confront Krampus and his elves in hopes of getting back his family.

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