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Deputy Winston Olsen is a minor antagonist in the horror, Cabin Fever, though not a malicious character he was a dimwitted, sex-crazed and utterly uncaring character who not only worsened the situation of the protagonists but at the end of the movie was responsible for a possible future outbreak of the flesh-eating virus on a national scale due to idiotically dumping the body of one of the victims into a creek, the water of which was being used by locals to make lemonade and ship (via truck) across the country.

Winston is the only human antagonist in the movie save for the Locals - though while they were fuelled by paranoia and fear he was simply an intolerable and irresponsible jerk that caused way more damage than could be deemed acceptable due to his actions.

However in Cabin Fever 2 he seems to try and finally take responsibility and stop the virus he had helped spread.