Deputy Wayburn
Deputy Wayburn is the assistant of Sheriff Garvey who hate Dr. Magrew and never trust him.


Sheriff Garvey and Deputy Wayburn arrive. They tell Magrew that Matt is missing, and they wonder if Magrew's seen him since he left. He insists that he has not, but they do not quite believe him. At Joey's house, the medical examiner believes that Joey's death was intentional. Sheriff Garvey starts to ask one of Joey's friends, named Art, when was the last time they saw Joey and who else was there, and he says last Sunday in the woods, and Mr. Magrew's daughter was there. Hearing the name Magrew, Sheriff Garvey and Deputy Wayburn decide to give Dr. Magrew a little visit. But as Garvey and Wayburn arrive at the House of Marvels, Six Shooter throws a rope around Wayburn's neck and Pinhead pulls the rope, causing him to fall and gets his head tunneled by Tunneler, killing him. At the same time, Blade slashes Garvey's leg, making him fall and drop his gun, and then he and Jester start slashing his face, with Magrew laughing as he watches them kill.