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Deputy Henry "Hank" Halik is the main antagonist in Moving Violations. Deputy Halik was on the verge of a promotion, until Dana Cannon tricked him into destroying Sheriff Robert Fromm's car. As a result Halik was demoted a traffic school instructor. He hates Cannon for ruining his promotion. For revenge he is conspiring with Judge Nedra Henderson to the students and take half money from selling their impounded cars. However, his partner and former girlfriend, Deputy Virginia Morris, not only learns of his plan, but also that Halik is cheating on her. After she tells Cannon and the other drivers that failed of evidence they need for revenge, Halik, Henderson and many other police chase them thought out the city until they arrive at the police station. Cannon shows the evidence to Sheriff Fromm and as result, Halik and Henderson are arrested and Cannon and other drivers have their licenses reinstated.