Deputy Haigh is an antagonist appearing in MTV's Teen Wolf. He is a cop and a assassin hired by the Benefactor to kill all of the supernatural creatures on a dead pool in Beacon Hills.


He first appears when Jordan Parrish (who is an unknown supernatural being) wakes up and finds himself tied to the steering wheel of his car by the Deputy. Haigh then pours gasoline on the car and on Parrish. During this time, he italks about how he is upset about his salary he makes being a cop. He then burns it, ignoring Parrish's pleas. Parrish survives and goes to the police station. Covered in soot and dressed in the barest remains of his burned clothing, Parrish walks into the Sheriff’s Station. He makes straight for Haigh who draws his service weapon. Parrish grabs him and slams him against the wall. He then throws him to the ground and punches him. The gun goes off, striking Sheriff Stilinski in the shoulder. Haigh keeps saying “but you’re dead” and Parrish keeps punching him. On the computer screen the message “KILL NOT CONFIRMED” appears. Haigh later appears at a party where he tries to kill Scott, Liam, and Malia by having the security guards use a sonic weapon embedded in music. This however fails and he is later incarcerated.