Deputrons are a hostile species of robot in the 2014 film, The Lego Movie. They are the henchmen of both Lord Business and Sheriff Not-A-Robot, and work for the Super Secret Police.


They are destroyed in various ways in the Old West during the Master Builders attempts to escape Bad Cop, Lord Business's main henchman. The remaining Deputrons, Wiley Fusebot, and the Sheriff are destroyed when they loose track of the pig carriage and fall of a gorge to their deaths.


Deputrons wear cowboy hats, and have metallic skin. They have one red eye, which is across their foreheads. They also wear belts, jeans, and long boots.


The Deputrons have rage whenever they see a Master Builder, and are very violent as well. They are sadistic beings that care about no one but themselves, not even their own master, Lord Business.