Depthmon are minor villains in Digimon Tamers; Battle of Adventurers, and Digimon Xros Wars. They are minions of the Bagra Army.


Depthmon are Armor Level Digimon that resemble, mermen with scuba gear.

Digimon Adventurers Battle of Adventurers

Depthmon served as a minion of Mephistomon. When Takato, Guilmon, Kai, and Seasarmon were trying to rescue Minami, they were stopped by a Depthmon and a Mantaraymon. They proved to be really powerful Digimon, however Seasarmon manage to fight back and wipe out Depthmon.

Digimon Xros Wars

Depthmon serve the Bagra Army as the minions of one of the Death Generals; Olegmon.


  • Bubble Bombs
  • Sargasso Drag
  • Marine Knives
  • Power Pulse


  • Scubamon's previous Digimon form is Veemon