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I just like to watch you guys...
~ Denny when jumping in bed with Johnny and Lisa

Denny is a character from The Rooma 2003 independent romantic drama film written, directed, produced by, and starring Tommy Wiseau.

He is played by Philip Haldiman, who himself will be played by Josh Hutcherson, in the film based on the making of The Room, The Disaster Artist.


Despite being portrayed as an aquaintance to Johnny, Denny's questionable behaviour has caused him to be labelled a villIain by audiences, the most famous quote against him being that Denny is "one creepy bastard".

Denny is a neighboring college student whom Johnny financially supports and "loves like a son." He gets in situations with drug dealers, apparently one himself to support himself financially, has an uncomfortable crush on Johnny's unfaithful future wife,Lisa, and rumorously watches Johnny and Lisa have sex. He also tosses football with Johnny and his friends a lot. He often appears and disappears throughout the film with no explanation and contributes very little to the actual plot.

According to Tommy Wiseau, Denny is meant to have some social or intellectual problems, hence his unsettlingly childlike behavior. Denny also apparently has no family or friends but Johnny, so he has little confidence as a result.


The Room Denny's Scenes06:24

The Room Denny's Scenes

Tommy Wiseau calls Philip Haldiman "retarded"00:30

Tommy Wiseau calls Philip Haldiman "retarded"

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