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~ Dennis Carradine after Peter Parker let him escape.

Dennis Carradine, or more commonly known as either The Burglar or The Carjacker, is the secondary antagonist in the 2002 movie Spider-Man and the posthumous quaternary antagonist in the 2007 movie Spider-Man 3.

Peter Parker first encounters him when he robs the organizer. He is also accused of murdering Uncle Ben while hijacking the car.

He is portrayed by Michael Papajohn, who reprises the role for flashback/imaginary sequences in Spider-Man 3 and later portrayed the InGen Contractor in Jurassic World.



After Spider-Man wins a wrestling match, the manager cheats him out of the reward money (giving him only a hundred bucks instead of the promised thousand). Shortly after, Carradine arrives, points a gun at the manager and steals all his money. The manager tells Parker to stop him, but Parker vindictively lets him go.

Some time later, Parker finds a crowd of people gathered around a mortally-wounded Uncle Ben, who is believed to have been shot by a carjacker. Uncle Ben succumbs to his wounds, prompting Parker to pursue the alleged murderer before he dies. Parker discovers the carjacker was the same person who ran past him. Taking advantage of Parker's dismay, Carradine attempts to shoot him, who snaps his wrist. Intimidated, Carradine backs away, only to fall out the window to his death.

Spider-Man 3

A few years later, Parker and Aunt May are informed by Captain Stacey that new evidence indicates that Carradine was not the true killer, bur rather the accomplice to the true murderer, Flint Marko. Parker feels tremendous guilt for enabling an innocent man to die.

After a climactic battle and upon seeing Harry Osborn succumb to his wounds, Marko tells Parker that he tried to get Ben to give him the car, but Dennis ran up to him and slapped him on the shoulder, startling him and causing him to jolt and accidentally shoot Ben in the chest. Marko tried to help Ben, but Carradine abandoned his partner. Carradine was later pushed out a window by Parker that same night. As such, Carradine was inadvertently responsible for Uncle Ben's death.

Spider-Man: the Video Game

In the video game; Spider-Man, the Burglar appears as the first boss and the leader of the Skulls Gang. However, his name in this iteration is "Spike".


  • In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game, Uncle Ben's killer is also called Dennis Carradine.


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