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Dengar was a Corellian mercenary and a bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe. During the Clone Wars, he undertook a mission organized by Boba Fett to safeguard a locked chest being shipped by train on the planet Quarzite. When Kage warriors attack, Dengar fights off as many as he can until he is thrown from the train.

At another time, while in the service of the Hutts, they were attacked by forces commanded by Darth Maul and Pre Vizsla. Dengar flees with his fellow mercenaries when it became clear defeat was inevitable.

Grade One active during the Galactic Civil War. The acerbic bounty hunter and pilot of the Punishing One was among an elite group of hunters recruited by Darth Vader to capture Han Solo and the passengers of the Millennium Falcon shortly after the Battle of Hoth. At this time, he was a middle-aged man of heavy build, wearing battered dark brown Stormtrooper armor with a dingy cloth wrapped around his head to conceal the circuitry for his enhanced auditory and visual systems.

Dengar CW

To save his beloved, Dengar decided to assassinate the Hutt. Hunter made ​​Jabba the Hutt an offer to join his bounty hunters, the Hutt accepted, but decided to entrust Boba Fett custody of the Corellian. When Fett discovered that Dengar intends, with the help barady ro blow up the sail barge, Jabba , he told this immediately to your supervisor. Hutt has decided to throw The consideration between the teeth of Tatooine. Day before the death of Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo and Chewbacci, Dengar almost died, but the rescue came his bride. The next few weeks were spent in the chamber revitalization in Mos Eisley. When both came on board Condemned And in a place where there was a United Jama Carkoona, saw the ruins of the sail barge. Sam Sarlacc seemed unpleasant smell, which meant that someone threw him termodetonator. When Dengar saw the body lying next to the slope and realized that it was Boba Fett, burned with desire for revenge for the suffering, but was stopped by Manaroo. Fett in thanks for saving his life, he agreed to cooperate.

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