The Deneb Nation is the antagonistic country from Battle Bakraid. The Deneb was a expansionist country, which subjugated and forcibly anexed it's neighboring countries into it's own territory with it's vast military power and the assistance of the Shtarterra Security Council.

Deneb was a neighbor to the Randa Nation. Randa was well known for it's excellence in aircraft technology, attracting engineers from all over the world to their Annual Bakraid Air Show, where they demonstrated their fighters capabilities. For the 7th Bakraid, Deneb asked to participate in the show, and even though Randa's defense council was aware that Deneb's true intention was to get it's own weapons inside Randa's territory to eventually take over them, they gave Deneb their blessing. Randa then secretly contacts the various performers for that year's Bakraid show and offer them a large prize to perform in a new version of Bakraid, involving real war conditions. Literally speaking, they would use their own highly advanced planes against Deneb's forces. Nine pilots accept the offer, and so they begin the Bakraid show two week's earlier, going against Deneb's military might.