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Demons are antagonistic forces who appeared much later in the comedy-horror film, This Is The End. Alongside Satan, they are dead-set on bringing forth Armageddon onto the Earth and destroying all life.

All demons are created through CGI except Incubus whom portrayed by Carey Lamar Jones.

History and Notable Demons

Unseen Demons

There's something out there.
~ Craig about demon that he met off screen.

There are at least two demons that the audience gets little to no glimpse of. The first attacks and beheads a frantic survivor as he desperately tries to convince James and the others to let him in the house. His severed head falls into the house, but we don't see the demon or what happens to the rest of his body.

Second Unseen Demon TITE

A glimpse of one of unseen demons.

The second one confronts Craig outside the house as he tries to enter James' cellar to get two jugs of water. We see a brief shadow run through the foreground, and then several growling noises that Craig reacts to.

Although we don't see his point of view. When Craig runs back into the house, the demon grabs the rope that's attached to him and tries to pull him back outside, but Jay cuts the rope just in time.

It's possible that this was the Bull-Demon, as the shadow that runs through the foreground resembles quadrupedal creature like one of them.


Jonah hill's incubussss

Incubus before molesting Jonah and possessed him

This is no dream! This is really happening! No!
~ Jonah Hill before being raped

Incubus is the second demon who appeared in the film after Unseen Demon. Presumably attracted by Jonah Hill whom previously prayed for Jay's death before sleeping, he goes to hyperventilating on Jonah.

Jonah, who awakened, was horrified with Incubus who raped him. He then goes on to possess him for the rest of the film until Jonah's demise where the process also presumably killed him.

It was odd that when entered the house to rape and possessed Jonah, Incubus didn't leave any physical breach on the barricaded doors and windows. Also, though actually had the chance to antagonize the others, Incubus instead started from Jonah first before antagonizing the rest while possessing him. This likely because this demon was in fact, sent by God to punish Jonah for praying for Jay's death.


Bull demon this is the end


Bull-Demon is the third demon that appeared in the film where it burst into the abandoned house that Jay and Craig entered to scavenging more supplies. It roars and chases both of them where it later focused on Jay because Craig managed to hide. It briefly lost track on Jay until it spotted him desperately trying to open the window to escape.

It roars and charges toward Jay to maul him, only to be failed as Craig suddenly jumped on Jay and caused both of them crashed to the outside in the process, saving Jay. It's unknown what happened to Bull-Demon, though it assumed that it lost track on Jay and Craig and goes to hunting another prey.

Winged Demon

No f**king way!
~ Seth upon the encounter with Winged Demon
This Is The End winged Demon

Winged Demon

Winged Demon is the fourth demon who appeared in the film. When Jay, Seth, Craig, and Franco goes for Franco's car, the demon perches on the roof near it. It notices the survivors and waiting for them.

Craig, who recalled upon his wrongdoings, decided to sacrifice himself for the others. He then hilariously taunts "TAKE YO PANTIES OOOOOFFFF!!!!!" at the demon. This hilarious taunt works where the winged demon charged on him.

Craig yells "F**K YEAH!" ("YEAH, YEAH!" in the TV version) as he ascended to Heaven, leaving the other three behind.


  • In the movie Superbad, written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the directors of This Is The End, the character that Jonah Hill plays states that a principal thought that he was possessed by a "dick-devil", after finding out the pictures of dicks Hill's character drew. In this movie, Jonah Hill is actually possessed by what can be called a "dick-devil"(though the demon itself also called Incubus).