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Note: This page is only for REAL demons (who were BORN with demonic powers or fallen angels turned into demons) appeared in the series, not for humans turned into demonic creatures or so-called "demons" that should be Damned Souls (e.g. Reavers, Andy Brooks, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Serilda of Abaddon, Pied Piper, Zombie ReadcoatsJames Colby and Gina Lambert), merely monsters without any link of demonic forces (e.g. the Gorgon), species engmatic characters (e.g. Pandora and the Hidden One) or creatures that was not build for demonic powers (e.g. the Kindred and the Golem).

The love of power is the demon of all men, and I'll let you in on a secret. There are demons all around.
~ Arthur Bernard to Ichabod Crane

Demons in Sleepy Hollow are creatures inside hell-dimensions. Some of them were lead by the nefarious Demon King, Moloch, while others respectively serve some evil entities that are even more powerful. Demons troops are usually very weak, and they could be destroyed by one single bullet. However, some certain demons are strong, while some others are even immortal that they can only be destroyed by the Sword of Methuselah, which its late master used to destroy a thousand demons. In addition, some demons can disguised as human beings.

Type of Demons

Demon Kings

Main article: Moloch (Sleepy Hollow)

Demons Kings (aka "the Horrid King") are leaders of demons. Moloch is a very famous example of the kind of demonic species, yet there are hints of some even more power Demon Kings exists. They can take form inside human beings and raise themselves on earth.

According to John Milton's Paradise Lost, Moloch was one of the Fallen Angel leaders before turning diablolic, and maybe other Demon Kings were the same.

Shadow of Darkness

The Shadows of Darkness are minor minions of Moloch. They were called using the Thracian Phiale by Andy Brooks. The Shadows have appeared whenever Moloch has launched a mass attack against the Witnesses and their allies, most notably in the episodes "Necromancer" and "The Indispensable Man". They are incredibly fast and use that speed for deadly attacks.

The Sandmen

There are two kinds of Sandmen: some of them are good while others are demonic species. The latter kind punish "sinned" people who deceived and betrayed people who trusted them by driving them catatonic and then committed suicide. Ro'kenhronteys is a notable example of this.


Some demons can possess ordinary people and uses their vessels as tools to commit crimes, for this kind of demons have no body of them selves. Ancitif is a good example of a possessor.


The Succubus / Incubus is a kind of demons that have no heart inside them. They mimic people's desires so that they can steal there souls. The only way to kill them is to find and destroy their heart with a hex spell. Lilith the Succubus is a notable example of a succubus.

Blood Demons

Blood Demons are red and are made from blood. They are not under Moloch's command, however. As far as we know, Blood Demons can ONLY be created by warlocks who are Blood Magic users. They are used by Solomon Kent as his loyal minions against Team Witness.


Battle of Heaven and Hell

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The conspiracy of the Apocalypse

They have been planning this since the birth of our foundation.
~ Ichabod Crane
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Secret War of Sleepy Hollow

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Rise of the Horrid King

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Evil Unleashed from the Purgatory

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  • Very few of the demons ever speak.
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