Warriors, for when there is danger, there are demons. For they are the servants of Nevar. He, and they, will do everything to take your lives and prevent you from reaching the rings you seek, as well as to destroy me.
~ Raven describing the Demons in the challenge Demon Army.

In the cult BBC fantasy game show Raven, the Demons are Nevar's servants, summoned to hinder the progress of the warriors, as well as vanquish them when possible. There are quite a few different variations of Demons, although most of them always have the usual light brown hooded cloaks with no visible face (which is common for all Demons, despite some Demons having lights emanating from their eyes to get rid of warriors who fail).

The regular variation of Demons (apart from those in the Dark Forest "Hunt for the Standard" challenge in Series 1) all have the power to take a warrior in an instant if they fail the challenge they're currently doing, or violate a rule. The Demons in the Last Stand, from series 4 onwards, only serve the purpose of acting like a brick wall in their path that can only be cleared unless a puzzle is completed.

List of known Demons