The Demons are the antagonists of the webcomic Positoss. These distorted creatures under the Shadow's influence are led by the almost emotionless Destioss.



The Demons in Positoss are first found and "tagged" by Shadow's ghost-like vaporized body. They are taunted and ordered by "The voice of Shadow" and have their brains rearranged in terms of personality, bringing the victims desires for death and seeing others suffer.

The process is slow and painful, sometimes triggering suicidal tendencies before the process can be completed. After a few hours, almost all signs of the personality prior to the corruption are erased, some victims turning into into mindless killing machines.


As the victims brain is rearranged, much of the victims physical form is changed too. Some becoming skinnier, taller, fatter, shorter, more agile or buff.

The colour of their skin also changes, many of Positoss' characters are gold (although the comic is black and white) and have their colour changed from gold to olive to dark grey/black.

The victim's eyes have their pupils removed and replaced with a red and black jellifish-like eyes.

Powers and Abilities

The usual victims (the nameless species featured in Positoss) already have some abilities such as telekinesis, flight and superhuman strength, these powers are either enhanced or removed/replaced, some demons have been given telepathy, shapeshifting, super speed, invisbility, and improved senses.

However, some demons have had their eyes and/or nostrils removed, these demons rely on telepathy and sonar. Some of the more powerful "titan" demons like Destioss have been given the ability to fire flames, beams, lightning or spray acid from their hands/eyes/mouths.

Types of demon

  1. Titan: Usually 9 feet or taller, these demons are stronger and more powerful than most other demons. they have been given the ability to fire energy or projectiles from their hands and/or eyes.
  2. Giant: As their name suggests, these demons can be huge and normally atleast 10 feet taller than most titans. Although having no particular abilities they rely on their size and strength.
  3. Atrim: These demons have barely been altered but have been given stealthy abilities and ninja reflexes. These types of demon are usually used as scouts or assassins.
  4. Estiri: Normal demons, only being slightly mutated
  5. Toxar: These demons are "overdone" in terms of mutation, being stupid and almost unrecognisable as their former species. This variety is often used as attack dogs.


Demons, unlike their former selves are much harder to kill. Most of which have to be mutilated before they can die. They have to be killed quickly as they're quick healers. Hardened bones make it difficult to destroy the brain but any weapon/projectile heavy or strong enough should be able to penetrate it.