The Demons (Murdered Soul Suspect)

The Demons

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Demons are malevolent spirits enemies in Murdered: Soul Suspect.


They are the enemies that Ronan O'Connor encounters in the otherworldy realm of Dusk after he was murdered by the Bell Killer who was secretly controlled by the spirit of Abigail Williams.

These dark hungry apparitions were once human ghosts, however they have been corrupted and robbed of their souls by their time and stay in the Dusk. Their only instinct is that, by consuming the souls of other ghosts, they can regain their own humanity.


Demons are very strong and can overpower Ronan if he tries to attack them directly. Because of this, he must sneak up on them and destroy them from the inside out. Demons are outlined in red and can be seen through walls, making it easier to strategize executions and plan how to get behind them. Demons will make a loud shriek when Ronan first enters an area occupied by demons. If playing on the PS4, the Dualshock 4 light bar will be colored red when demons are nearby.

Ronan can also use his ability to possess living humans to hide from demons and time his executions, as demons cannot detect him while he is within the body of another human. However, in some cases Ronan will still be pursued even if the player possesses a human.

If the player fails an execution, there is a short delay before the demon tries to attack Ronan, allowing him to hide or teleport away before they begin attacking him.