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The Demonochorus

The Demonochorus

The Demonochorus (in Japanese: デモノコラス, Demonokorasu) are small, flying child-like demons and enemies in Devil May Cry 2.

2 devil hunters Dante and Lucia encountered and battled these children of darkness who alongside many other demons emerged and invaded Dumary Island due to the dangerous activities of the powerful Uroboros Corporation led by mad occultist Arius.


The Demonochorus are demons with bodies of seemingly innocent children encased in obsidian stone, fairy-like wings that appeared to be made of blue sapphire, and gold bracelets wrapped around their arms and wrists. They also have a hole in their stomachs and their eyes glow dark blue.

Powers and Abilities

These tiny, youthful fiends possesses strong magic, they flutter about and cast sinister spells. Each of these creatures chant before the spell is cast as if singing a hymn, one must not be fooled by these "children" with their angelic appearance and haunting voices.



  • The appearance of the Demonochorus seems to be a demonic version of Putti, represented in Western Art as chubby human babies with wings; they are often erroneously labeled "Cherubs".

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