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The Demonic Train is the circus train used by Silas.


Silas notices them escaping on the pump cart and chases after them with his train. They each grab one of Gogo's friends and jump as Silas' engine crashes into their pump cart. They race back through Acme Acres all the way back to Wackyland, and the bridge rolls up as Silas and his engine fall, ending up in Heck. The Devil tells Silas, "Now my collection is complete!" and laughs evilly. The toons make it back to Wackyland, and Gogo and his friends regain their magical powers. Gogo clones himself, and Babs says, "Gosh, I love happy endings." Back in Heck, the devil burns various monsters and Silas (who by this time has gotten used to living in Heck, and finds the fire tickles him), and Buster and Babs watch the action on a TV in Wackyland.