"The Demonic Toys" are the titular antagonists of the horror comedy movie series "Demonic Toys" and they are a collection of seemingly harmless playthings that are in reality the avatars of powerful demons from Hell who seek to cause havoc in the mortal world. As well as appearing in their own franchise the "Demonic Toys" have had battles with other characters from similar franchises: The most famous of all the Puppets from Puppet-Master (where the Puppets were portrayed as heroes and the "Demonic Toys" retained their usual status as antagonists).

Known Demonic Toys

  • Baby Oopsy Daisy - The foul-mouthed, perverted doll in a similar manner to a Cabbage Patch Kid or other "baby" doll.
  • Jack Attack - The evil jack-in-the-box with a grotesque killer-clown face attached to it.
  • Grizzly Teddy - The monstrous teddy bear.
  • Mr. Static - The demonic toy robot with real shooting lasers and fire like a flamethrower.
  • Zombietoid, or Zomb.i.e Joe - The blond-haired GI Joe action figure that makes a loud scream and kills people with his machete
  • Divoletto - The smiling, cloaked ancient toy doll that makes a robotic ticking noise whenever he moves. He also makes a giggling sound now and then.