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The Demonic Aliens

Demonic Aliens

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Demonic Aliens are a common element in Christian conspiracy theories involving the phenomena of UFOs, abduction and "men in black" - these groups believe that aliens are actually fallen angels or demons sent to distract mankind from their proper destinies as worshippers of gods.


They view aliens as demonic visitants and their theories often merge with those of the New World Order, Satanic Ritual Abuse, denial of science and the idea that space travel as a whole is an elaborate hoax created to distract mankind from God.

Although most reserved for fanatical Christian groups, the idea of Demonic Aliens has spread and can be found in numerous media, as well as on innumerable sites.

Many who believe in the Demonic Aliens conspiracy believe that in the near future a mass abduction shall occur in which demons (in the guise of aliens) shall stage a false Rapture - fooling millions into damnation as they utilize their "UFOs" to trick humanity into worshiping them as Gods.

The idea of a false Rapture is linked to the ancient belief in the Biblical Beast, a monstrous demon that is believed by some Christian sects to manifest in the End Days to tempt mankind into damnation before it is struck down by God during the Final Judgement.

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