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I'm the Dealer of Destruction, The Merchant of Doom, and I seek you Samurai Jack.
~ Demongo

Demongo is Aku's most favorite minion among his faithful servants and evil allies, and he's one of the villains of Samurai Jack.

Demongo was summoned from the pits of hate by Aku and was ordered to find, kill, and steal the soul of Samurai Jack, his master's archenemy. Demongo happily took his new assignment and pursued him immediately.

Demongo catches up with Jack in a remote canyon far away from any civilization. Demongo introduces himself and informs Jack of his intentions right away. Demongo starts the battle by summoning a warrior by the name of Titan who is fairly big. Jack tricks Titan into hitting the side of the canyon cause a huge bolder to fall and kill him. Titan dies and his soul is absorbed by his master. After Titan's presumed demise, Demongo summons 5 more warriors who are not named, but are all eventually defeated. Upon seeing this, Demongo summons them once again. Jack asks how this can be and Demongo tells Jack that souls can be defeated but not killed. Demongo, after seeing his minions defeated once again, summons every soul he has collected over the years. Jack, after a long struggle, defeats the remains of Demongo's minions. As the last soul is sucked back into Demongo's chest, Jack grabs it and its brought into Demongo's realm. Jack, once inside, frees the souls of all of the warriors in Demongo possession. As a side effect Demongo loses all of his powers, rendering him powerless. As if nothing can get any worse for him, all of the warriors he has kept in enslavement are free to take their revenge. Demonogo is "killed" and is trapped within a skull-like prison. He then finds himself in Aku's hands and begs for another chance. Aku thinks it over for a moment, but decides against it and kills him.




  • "What is thy bidding, my master?"
  • "The more essence I take, the more powerful I become, my master."
  • "Destroy Samurai Jack! I want his essence!"


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