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The Demon Train makes its first and last appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

Physical Appearence

The Demon Train is a very large train that when fought takes up two sets of rails. It is composed of three different cars that must each be destroyed before facing Malludus. The first car has on its front an actual moving face that must be be shot before Link can move on to the fight. It also features eyelike lasers that rotate which must be shot in order to shoot the Demon Train's face. This is the last car Link must destroy with the cannonballs of the Spirit Train's cannon. This car is also the battlefield where both Malladus and Cole are fought. The second car which must be taken out is packed with lasers that must hit twice before being destroyed in order to prgress to the first car. There are five of these lasers on the second car. The third car is the one that must be taken out first. This car is meant to be easy in that you can shoot at TNT barrels the train will attempt to fire out at the Spirit Train.

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