Demon King Psycho is the immobile ruler of Madou and the main antagonist of Space Sheriff Sharivan. He eventually uses his fully mobile cyborg Psychorror as an extension of himself, armed with twin swords. When Sharivan and Gavan enter his fortress, they discover that he uses two bodies at once. Sharivan destroys his immobile self while Gavan simultaneously destroys his second body.

Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z


Demon King Psycho in Super Hero Taisen Z

Strategist Reider revives Psycho from the Space Shocker fortress by using his magic and use its energy to complete the Demon King's resurrection. The resultant explosion provides enough power for it, before Reider perishes, just to later return as Space Reider, bringing several other monsters to the fight.

Psycholon is also overcome by the energy surge and is put under Madou's control as well. When Yoko calls out for Psycholon and it manages to break free from Psycho's control, the monster is ultimately destroyed by a robot formed by the Kyorugers' Kyoryuzin and Kamen Rider Wizard's WizarDragon combined.