Demon King Banriki is a musclebound space wanderer who was recruited into the Vader Clan and a major antagonist in Denshi Sentai Denziman.


To demonstrate his power to the Vader Clan, Banriki attacked all the Denziman, injuring each of them until DenziRed was the only one left to fight. After the Denziman used the DenziStick Boomerang to wound him, he grew giant. Denziman attempted to finish him off with the Electronic Full Moon Cut, but he retreated. He later made a deal with Sakkalar to help him take over Vader Clan. However, Sakkalar was defeated by the Vader Monsters Karakurilar and Kendamalar and Banriki was turned into a human candle by Queen Hedrian for his treachery.

Unbeknownst to the Vader Clan however, Banriki had one final trump card in Banriki Monster. After hatching from its egg, the monster went and freed Banriki, allowing him to take over the Vader Clan again.

Banriki's rule soon came to an end, however, when Queen Hedrian and Mirror discovered Banriki Monster's weakness and inform the Denziman of it, allowing them to destroy it. Enraged, Banriki goes to kill Hedrian, but Mirror blinds her with an attack. Crippled, Banriki wanders outside the Vader Castle, where he is killed off by the Denziman using Denzi Boomerang.

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