Banriki Demon King (37-51) is a half-naked, musclebound space wanderer. He had a personal rivalry with General Hedrer. He attacked all the Denziman until there was DenziRed, not injured in Episode 37 (DenziYellow blinded in one eye, DenziGreen injured by the wind, DenziBlue injured by hand in the water, and DenziPink being injured by things blowing up around her and getting hit by a van). The others fought through their fight against him. In Episode 37, he grew after fighting Denziman and was wounded after Denziman used DenziStick Boomerang. Denziman tried to give him the final blow with the Electronic Full Moon Cut in Episode 37. In Episode 48, he had Sakkalar to help him take over Vader Clan. He was turned into a human candle. With the help of the Omnipotent Monster, he turned into a human and took back the Vader Clan. He was finally killed off by the Denzi Boomerang.