The Demon Key is a chaos elemental and a reluctant "ally" in Champions Online; however, he makes it abundantly clear he is a malevolent entity and seeks nothing other than to be free of the heroes who summoned him.

The Demon Key takes delight in suffering and death, even wishing harm on the heroes- though he will fight for them due to the pact Witchcraft imposed on him, whenever a hero fails at a task, the Demon Key is quick to insult them and although his presence can be helpful in battle, only a fool would truly think him to be their friend.

Indeed, the Demon Key wastes no time in continually telling the heroes that he wants rid of them and only aids them because he is bound to do so by magic- he also has contempt for his enemies and humanity in general, as can be seen during his fight with Luther Black, in which he claims to have seen a thousand ascensions and warned Luther to stop with his "insufferable monologue" about how he was to become a god.

The Demon Key presumably returned to the chaos realm after the fight with Luther Black and, although he has yet to trouble the heroes again, he doubtlessly has no love for those who forced him to aid them.