Demon Jirard

Demon Jirard possessing The Completionist

~ Demon Jirard

Demon Jirard, Also known as the Demon Completionist is the main antagonist in Completionist's 100th episode; Sonic 06, but he officially appeared in the 99th episode; Megaman X3. It's a mystery entity that took over the body of the Completionist shortly after he bought Sonic 06 and began to play it. The Demon's goals were unknown, but it was likely that it was trying to ruin the reputation of the Completionist by giving bad games The Completionist reviewed good ratings and vice-versa with the good games.


A week before The Completionist reviewed Megaman X3, he went to a GameStop to buy Sonic '06 for the Xbox 360. As soon as he put the game in the console, the demon took over Jirard's body and trapped his soul in the game. The Demon took the identity of The Completionist during the review of Megaman X3. However, Greg AKA the Mediocre-ist, also known as The Completionist's best friend, began to notice something unusual about Jirard. When he realized that the person he was talking to wasn't Jirard, Demon Jirard trapped Greg inside Sonic '06 as well. With both The Completionist and Greg out of the way, Demon Jirard could continue with his evil goals.

A week later, some of the Completionist's co-workers/friends began to noticed that Greg's car has been parked for a week and that he's not in the building. They also began to notice that Jirard was acting strange. One of them asked "Jirard" what he thought of the game Sneak King. To which Demon Jirard replied by saying, "Sneak King is the best game of all time!" However, knowing that Jirard hated Sneak King, they knew that that wasn't the real Jirard. Concerned that they would get killed by Demon Jirard, Jirard's friends managed to trick the demon, and beat him into a bloody plump. After beating Demon Jirard up, they noticed a coupon from GameStop for Sonic 06. By putting the pieces together, they realized that the real Jirard and Greg were trapped in the game Sonic 06. With the help of various people all across the internet, the Jirard's friends were able to free Greg and an exhausted Completionist. What happened to the Demon Jirard after Jirard and Greg were rescued is currently unknown.


Megaman X3 - STILL THUGGIN' - The Completionist Episode 9916:49

Megaman X3 - STILL THUGGIN' - The Completionist Episode 99

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - The Completionist 100th Episode37:25

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - The Completionist 100th Episode