The Demon Headmaster is the titular antagonist of the series of the same name - although he is sometimes known simply as the Headmaster, he is one of Britain's more noteworthy home-grown villains and began his career in a series of children's books before moving on to a television series on the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation): it is never revealed as to who (or what) the Demon Headmaster is but it is heavily implied he is not of this earth as he has been able to clone himself and has a hypnotic ability were his eyes glow (not unlike the children from Village Of The Damned).

Personality-wise the Demon Headmaster is a megalomaniac who seeks to rule the entire world, thinking society would be better off under his control - which would make the world ordered but ultimately little more than a police-state without free thought or will.

Another notable trait of the Demon Headmaster was the fact he wore dark glasses to hide his hypnotic eyes and would only remove them in order to hypnotise people - his eyes being a startling green color (again hinting at an inhuman - possibly alien - origin).

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