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185px-Demon Frog

Full Name
Demon Frog
Devil Frog in Japan
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!
Demonic frog
Can possess people and enter their bodies, turning their eyes red, then make them do evil things
To destroy Cappy Town while possesing Kirby
Type of Villain
Demonic frog

Demon Frog is a petite yet powerful monster that appeared in the Kirby: Right Back At Ya! episode, Frog Wild. It resembles a green frog, but with orange eyes, a purple star on top of its head, and two small devil wings. The Demon Frog's ability is possessing people and its victim's eyes glow red and does evil things.

The Demon Frog was ordered by Nightmare Enterprises by King Dedede. The frog then escapes from the castle. While Kirby was walking happily out of his house, he spotted the Demon Frog, and posseses him. Then the possessed Kirby started to go on a rampage and went on destroying things in Cappy Town, which Tiff and Tuff watched in horror. First, the possessed Kirby ruined Hana's laundry, then attacked Professor Curio and destroyed his antique collection, caused havoc at Tuggle's convience store, broke Mabel's crystal ball, stealing Mayor Len Blusterga's car and crashing it into Gus's gas station as well as injuring Gus in the process, which went up in flames, and burned Chef Kawasaki's restaurant with a sparking electrical appliance. The posessed Kirby even stole King Dedede's car and crashed it into Chief Bookem's police station. After the possessed Kirby enters King Dedede's castle, he easily defeated the Waddle Dee guard as well as attacking Dedede, but Tiff commanded Kirby to stop, returning Kirby back to normal. Then Dedede grabbed the Demon Frog and used it to possess himself. Then the possesed Dedede easily pummeled Kirby like a hammer, but just as the posessed Dedede was about to deliver the final blow to Kirby, the battle was soon interrupted by another monster that comes out from hiding called Heavy Anaconda that Dedede ordered from Nightmare Enterprises. The Demon Frog met its demise when it got devoured by the huge snake, freeing Dedede in the process from its control.

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