Demon Annelotte

Demon Annelotte the Possessed Knight

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Demon Annelotte is the demon side Annelotte Kreutz the main protagonist of Queen's Blade: Rebellion which consists of her having black hair, pointed ears, pale skin, and red eyes. Her silver armor also turns gold to reflect this change, and in this state is powerful enough to overwhelm Elina, Ymir, and Mirim, but loses all sense of reason and turns into a berserker, unable to distinguish friend from foe.


Battle with Mirim

In the middle Annelotte's second fight with Mirim Annelotte transforms into her demonic self and almost tries to kill Mirim until Yuit stops her.

Fight With Aldra

As Annelotte was damaged she awakens her demon form and almost defeat Aldra until Aldra calms her down and Annelotte reverts to her original self.

Confusion! Annelotte and Her Sister's-in-Arms Get Entangled

In the Rebellion Base, Annelotte remarks that something is gone. Puzzled, Yuit, Sainyang and Tarnyang ask Annelotte what is gone. Emotionally disturbed, Demon Annelotte turns around and asks who ate her pudding. After no clear answer, Demon Annelotte harasses Yuit, and then turns to Tarnyang, mysteriously divulging the truth from them. They both run away to find out who ate Annelotte's pudding, and Laila arrives, ready to purify Demon Annelotte. Just as Laila is about to do so, Tarnyang and Yuit come back with Annelotte's pudding which they found in the well. Laila, already having pulled the trigger, splashes Holy Milk all over them. Tarnyang then asks Annelotte how her pudding tastes, in which she replies it's even better with Holy Milk.