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The demon was the main antagonist of the Chick Tract entitled "The Little Sneak." The demon says absolutely nothing throughout the entire strip.

The Little Sneak

This particular tract was set in an African country, and in it, a demon convinces a young African boy to steal his parents' hard earned money. He then buries the money bag in the ground. Because of his actions, the boy's parents couldn't pay the rent, and they were forced to leave their home. Suddenly, a preacher comes, and preaches to them about God's love. The boy, feeling remorse for what he had done, admits to his parents that he stole the money that his father earned from working in the fields, and shows them the site to where he buried the money bag. They dig it up, and they use the money to pay for their house. As a result, they get their house back.

As one final act of spite, the demon strikes the boy with a lightning bolt, and the boy dies. The boy ended up going to Heaven, thanks to the demon killing him.