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The Demon (悪魔 Akuma) is a vicious male devil summoned by Academy student Hiroko Takashiro and her witchcraft club from Bible Black: Origins.


He is a robed and large muscular entity with a sharp nose, handsome features, long bat-like wings and a blue complexion with lighter blue markings around his yellow eyes. He has slightly curved vampire-like fangs, and a serpent-like tongue, which he used to kiss Takashiro. Between his groin is a demonic mouth-like organ, which when opened reveals several long tentacles and his penis.

Powers and abilities

As a demon, it is an immortal creature that can be summoned from his pit of origins through rituals. His physical form may or may not be malleable, summoning tentacles from his crotch area as tools of pleasure. He is even capable of demonic possession, possessing a teacher to have sex with Takashiro, manifesting as black goo from the ceiling as he does so.


His personality is not shown in full depth, but the Demon is shown to be aggressive, lustful and remorseless, raping a defenseless Takashiro. He does however seem to hold an affection for those he torments, appearing to an adult Takashiro years later and "relieving" her of her tormenting desires by again having sex with her.


  • Dialogue between the characters hint that maybe the Demon does not serve the Devil, but rather it is another incarnation of him