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The Demiurge (also known as Ialdabaoth/Yaldabaoth) is a being from Gnosticism - often seen as the Creator of the physical world but still inferior to the "true" God: although originally seen as a benevolent or neutral force, several off-shots of Gnosticism grew in time that saw the Demiurge as ignorant, deluded and even malevolent in nature: becoming a creature obsessed purely with the physical at the expense of the spiritual as well as the source of all evil as we currently know it. He is often depicted as a snake with a lion's head, an "animalistic" being of the material world.

The concept of a malevolent Demiurge has continually met with controversy as it is an example of the concept known as "God As The Devil" - though as stated before the Demiurge is not truly God, merely a secondary creator-entity. In gnostic texts, he is identified with the God of the Old Testament, as well with Samael.

Examples In Media

  • God in the comic book series Spawn takes a similar stance to the Demiurge and is also not the "true" Supreme Being of His reality.
  • The book known as the Jehovah Contract portrays both God and Satan as bratty, spoiled sibling rivals, while the Mother Goddess is portrayed as the real Creator who now has to win Her own creation back.
  • Asmodeus Poisonteeth in the Redwall series, while not said to be a creator, does have links with a demon, because in Redwall the name Asmodeus is a demon's name or the Devil's name. Asmodeus in the novel does have a role similar to a deity in that he mantains the natural order of death, he is nature's undertaker, and he is feared by many as a supernatural being. Fittingly, Asmodeus is a serpent, an adder.
  • Demiurge acts as a super-boss in Shin Megami Tensei:Strange journey.
    • Though it is heavily implied to be YHVH.
  • Bhunivelze, along with Pulse and Lindzei in the Final Fantasy XIII series, are similar to the Demiurge, while not synonymous with a creator deity, does have the the task of maintaining and sculpting the physical world. They also share the inability to see anything connected with the spiritual world.
  • In the manga Negima! Magister Negi Magi and its sequel UQ Holder, The Mage of the Beginning's true name is Ialda Baoth, in a direct reference to the Demiurge. The Mage is the primary antagonist of both stories and created an alterate world that is bound to one day disappear, and plans to send its population's soul into an edenic spirit dimension.

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