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DemiMeramon are minor villains in Digimon Data Squad.


DemiMeramon are small In-Training Level Digimon that resememble flames. They have blue eyes and they look like they have stitches in their mouth.

Digimon Data Squad

A small ammount of DemiMeramon came to the real world. Even though DemiMeramon were In-Training Level Digimon they were unaffected by Agumon's attacks because his attacks were only fire type. The only thing that the attack did was strengthens them, so they easily escape. Most of them were easily defeated by Gaogamon, but three of them combined a Digivolved into Meramon. But Meramon was defeated.


  • Fireball


  • DemiMeramon can Digivolve into Candlemon or Meramon
  • DemiMeramon's Fresh mode is Mokumon

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