Demetechnics was a small corporation that was the organization behind the Eternal Youth Spa and a minor antagonistic group in the episode "Eternal Youth" Batman: The Animated Series.

Poison Ivy set up Demetechnics—named after her alias Daphne Demeter—to legally run the Eternal Youth Spa and produce her toxin called Demetrite.

The Eternal Youth Spa

The Eternal Youth Spa is supposedly a health resort that was rumored to have a chemical that will give people youthful contents. But actually it was a ploy used by Poison Ivy aided by both her 2 loyal assistants Lily and Violet to exact her fanatic revenge on many wealthy men and women she blamed for ruining some of the Earth's rainforests.

By offering them a free treatment at the spa—boasting a new method using Demetrite — she slowly poisoned the guests until they turned to trees.

Batman stopped her and escaped the Eternal Youth Spa which was destroyed by a giant tree that was the result Poison Ivy's Demetrite.


Poison Ivy

The leader of the Demetechnics. See Poison Ivy.



Lily is an employee of the Eternal Youth Spa who served Poison Ivy alongside Violet and a villainess in Batman:The Animated Series.

At some point, Lily joined Poison Ivy and appeared as an employee at the Eternal Youth Spa along with Violet. Their plan was to turn rich people into trees. Batman found out that something was suspicious so he went there to examine it. Lily and Violet found him and brought him to Poison Ivy. Batman managed to defeat and tie up Lily shortly before he defeated Ivy.


Violet .

Violet is an employee of the Eternal Youth Spa who served Poison Ivy alongside Lily and she is villainess in Batman: The Animated Series.

Violet worked for Ivy during her operations in the Eternal Youth Spa. She acted as one of Dr. Daphne Demeter(Poison Ivy)'s helpers.

In truth, she helped Ivy turn the industrialists into trees. She also turned Alfred and Maggie Page into trees. She tried to turn Batman into a tree as well however he coated his suit with a herbicidal antidote. The Dark Knight grabbed Violet and tied her up. He eventually left her to be arrested by the police.



  • Violet is voiced by Lynne Marie Stewart.