Delta Psi Beta is a fraternity owneed by Teddy Sanders and his friend Pete Regazolli who ownered outragious parties which distubted Mac and his wife Kelly Radne who had baby named stella.


Teddy Sanders and his friend Pete Regazolli moved next door to Radnes, so they will enjoyed the life in parties. that night Stella was disturbed by noise so Kelly and Mac asked Teddy to reduced it if Mac and Kelly called the police, insterted called his friends for partying include stash of fireworks and a breaker box that controls their power and sex with other girls . After Teddy fell bearyted by the couple, he and Delta Psi Beta deiced them to teach lesson on the couple include distubted them for having sex and caused Stella nearly eating an condom from one of members. The Randes complet to collage deen about disturbance and begged to kicked down from house but deen told there was collage strike. the rande deiced matter own hands include Kelly manipulates Pete and Brooke into sex caused Teddy become angry