Evil Delores
Delores is a villainess from two Three Stooges shorts: 1949's Who Done It? and the 1956 remake, For Crimin' Out Loud.

She was portrayed by Christine McIntyre.

Delores is the evil niece of Old Man Goodrich (renamed Councilman Goodrich in the remake), and is a member of the villainous Phantom Gang, who tied up Goodrich and attempted to steal his fortune. She introduces herself to the Stooges during their investigation, and makes an impression on Shemp, as he continuously shifted his camera to Delores, who was seated seductively on the table. Delores later takes Shemp with her to a separate room, with intent on poisoning him. The villainess drugs Shemp's drink, but Shemp catches on and switches the glasses. However, the evil Delores catches this and tricks Shemp into thinking that she switched the glasses back, which causes another switch. Shemp ends up drinking the spiked glass and goes into convulsions, much to the Delores' delight. Moe and Larry arrive in time to save Shemp, but at that moment, Delores escapes.

Both Who Done It? and For Crimin' Out Loud had the same ending, with Delores and the rest of the Phantom Gang defeated by the Stooges after they save Goodrich and a huge melee ensues.



  • Among Christine McIntyre's other Stooges appearances include villainous roles such as Lorna Doone in The Hot Scots and Mrs. Allen in Vagabond Loafers, among a few others.