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Deji Devil

Deji Devil

Deji Devil
is one of the antagonists in Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat, the other being Pyocola Analogue III.


Deji Devil's mission is apparently "to make everyone on Di Gi Charat unhappy". Thus, his and Dejiko's quests are somewhat mutually exclusive. Aside from his wings and cape, his body has no substance, therefore he is able to pass through objects. Interestingly, he supposedly is afraid of ghosts. He ends his sentences with "-devi". In one of the final episodes, it is revealed the Deji Devil can transform into a large pink, flying, panda-like being referred to as "The King of Demons". In this "King of Demons" form, he is no more solid than he is ordinarily; however, he gains the ability to fire lasers from his mouth. According to him, he doesn't usually use this form because "people might start to expect it".