Humans have a desire for truth. Or they have a desire to believe that what they know is the truth.

In other words, the actual truth comes second to that desire. Be mindful of what is the truth and what is a lie. In other words, always doubt yourself. Harbor an inner devil's advocate as you read along... And I won't forget to add that by that point, you might have already fallen into my trap.

~ Deishuu Kaiki
Deishuu Kaiki (貝木 泥舟, Kaiki Deishū) is a conman specializing in imposter Oddities. He is the antagonist of the Nisemonogatari Novel's Karen Bee arc, secondary antagonist of Nisemonogatari's Tsukihi Phoenix arc, and Protagonist of the Monogatari Series: Second Season novel Koimonogatari.

He is voiced by Shinichiro Miki in the Monogatari Series animated Series.


Kaiki is a middle aged man with a very gloomy and dark appearance, not dissimilar to a corpse, sporting smoky black hair that is brushed back forming two subtle points and faded purple eyes. Kaiki is almost always seen wearing his trademark funeral attire and always possesses a sleepy, melancholic look with dark purple bags beneath his eyes.


Kaiki has a very gloomy pessimistic personality and subscribes to the view that there is nothing in the world that is inherently true. The only absolute in life for him is money, due to its value in providing anything he wishes that isn't readily irreplaceable. Having lost the only woman he has ever loved Kaiki strongly views romance and love as possessing the potential for great weakness, however he does acknowledge it has just as much potential to strengthen those under its spell.

Romance can strengthen people, but it can also make them useless.
~ Deishuu Kaiki
A schemer at heart, Kaiki has an opaque mind to outsiders. He is fluent in the arts of lying and subterfuge, so his reasoning behind what he says is constantly blurred.

Kaiki is a man who prides himself in having no pride. He will openly admit to being a conman and an impostor amongst other things. However this is often to his advantage as someone who deceives with wordplay extremely well. His interactions with others are incredibly fluid, and he is willing to give and take in order to maximize the outcome, or completely cut his losses, as long as things close in his favor. The one exception to this rule is the daughter of his lost love, Suruga Kanbaru, whom he made a promise to protect with his life and is seemingly the one person on this Earth Kaiki will aid without any benefit towards himself.

Kaiki is a self proclaimed "fake" specialist in all things occult and paranormal. He has a vast knowledge of oddities and supernatural creatures however claims he himself does not believe in them, so he prefers working as a conman by manipulating those who do.

The fake is of far greater value. In its deliberate attempt to be 'real', it's more real than the real thing.
~ Deishuu Kaiki

Just as there isn't a problem that can't be solved by being right, there isn't a problem that can't be solved by money.

~ Deishuu Kaiki