Deidranna Reitman was the main antagonist of the tactical role-playing video-game, Jagged Alliance 2, which is chronologically the third in the Jagged Alliance series.

Deidranna Reitman was born in Romania. Although a ravishing beauty, she is also temperamental, manipulative and cruel. In 1988, she met Enrico Chivaldori, son of the leader of Arulco, and the two were soon married. This was no marriage born of love; instead Enrico married Deidranna to boost his popularity during the elections. In the end, Enrico won the elections, beating his rival Miguel Cordona by a long shot.

After he won, Deidranna murdered Enrico's father, framed Enrico for his father's death, and ordered Enrico's execution. In response, Enrico fled the country. Deidranna then declared a authoritarian government, with herself as its Queen and head of state.