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Deebo (spelled Debo in Next Friday) is a character who appears in Friday and Next Friday. He is the secondary, later true main antagonist in the first movie and a minor antagonist in the second one.

Even though he's considered to be the secondary antagonist , Deebo actually serves as a main antagonist because of the fact that he had bigger plans than Big Worm. Nonetheless, Joker is the main antagonist of Next Friday. Initially, he and Craig seem to be neutral acquaintances.

This is reflected well when Craig and Smokey are missing after a drive-by, Deebo is among the neighbors worried about them. His rivalry with Craig begins after Craig tries to defend Debbie by confronting him for punching her and beats him down by throwing a brick at his head, hitting him with wood and finishing him off with a kick to the face and a punch to the face.


Deebo is a sociopathic bully. He is a felon, prone to crime and violence. To survive, he takes whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He uses intimidation and fear to manipulate and take advantage of the people around him, thanks in large part to his towering size and strength. He is also very violent and will become physical when angry or frustrated. He also is a woman-beater, and picks on people smaller than him. However, he eventually gets put in his place when his neighbor Craig beats him up and knocks him unconscious. Thus, temporarily ending his long reign of neighborhood bullying.

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