Dee Villainess
Once I save the building, they'll call me a hero. They'll never fire me then. (cackling evilly)
~ Dee's villainous speech before setting the fire, according to Pops
Deidre "Dee" Baxter is a security guard at the Niedermayer Building and a regular character on the sitcom The Wayans Bros. In the Season Four finale, "Fire!," Dee was portrayed as a villainess in an imagined scene.

She was played by Anna-Maria Horsford.

In the episode, a fire burns down the newsstand at the Niedermeyer Building, and due to the suspicious nature of the fire, Shawn, Marlon, Pops, Dee, and T.C. (who wasn't even there) are taken in for questioning. Among the group, Dee is the first to be finger-pointed by Pops (despite telling to group to stay strong and not break). Pops' summation shows Dee as a villainess dressed in a black ninja outfit and a mask, doing various somersaults over the infrared sensors inside the building. Once she reaches the actual newsstand, the evil Dee proclaims her motive: becoming a hero by saving the building, keeping her from being fired, which she was facing in the episode. Dee cackled evilly after setting the fire and watching the newsstand burn, continuing to display her villainous persona in the summation. In actuality, however, an electric wire was revealed to have accidentally started the fire, which cleared Dee and the rest of the group of any alleged wrongdoing.