This Decoy of Ra's al Ghul is a minor antagonist in the film Batman Begins. Henri Ducard (actually the real Ra's al Ghul in disguise) introduces him to Bruce Wayne as the leader of the League of Shadows.

He was portrayed and voiced by Ken Watanabe in both the film and video game.

Ra's offers to train Bruce in the ways of the League as a means to fight injustice. However, Ra's reveals his true intentions that he plans to use Bruce to destroy Gotham City, claiming that the city is beyond repair and that the only solution was destroying it. Bruce then engages the imposter Ra's in a swordfight before he is killed by an explosion.

This imposter was used by the real Ra's to conceal his identity. Therefore it is unknown what his true status within the League of Shadows was. It is possible that he was Ra's right-hand (possibly an equivalent to Ubu.)


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