Debo Vaacance
Debo Vaacance (Blue Version)

Debo Vaacance (Blue Version)

Debo Vaacance
is a Debo Monster themed after summer vacation, created to serve Candelilla back in August, though the Knight had completely forgotten about the Debo Monster, much to his sadness. He is nevertheless usable, as he turned autumn into summer by using his Holiday Beam, which makes humans lazy and the environment turn hot.

In reality, the Deboss Army had placed a enlarged Debo Vaacance in the path of the sun as so to turn the world into a lazy one, while having a small fake Vaacance on the ground to act as a mirror to reflect the Holiday Beam to a more focused target, which also made it immune to energy shots.

Once Yuko got Kyoryu Red to snap out of Vaacance's influence by thowing a barrel at him, he went out into space in Plezu-Oh and knocked the real Vaacance back onto terra firma, weakening the clone enough for Kyoryu Blue to shatter it. In fear of getting Debo Vaacance getting destroyed too early, Luckyuro used a Sukusuku Ball to shrink the Debo Monster.

However, the Kyoryugers found the retreating Deboss Army members and had cornered them, and Debo Vaacance was finally destroyed by Kyoryu Red Kung-Fu Carnival.

100 Years After

Debo Vaacance returned 100 years later in a different color/version along with Debo Yanasanta, Debo Akidamonne, and Debo Tangosekku when Deboth Army has raised once again.


  • Height: 211 cm (52.7 m: giant)
  • Weight: 180 kg (450.0 t: giant)


  • Vaacance's Triple Drill Cream attack as peformed by its ice cream cone drill arm is a reference to the GoZyu Triple Drill Dream performed by Gokai Silver's GoZyuJin in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Ironically it was performed on Plezu-Oh which, like GoZyuJin, has three different forms (flying vehicle, dinosaurid form, and Giant Robo).
  • Vaacance's name could be a combination of "Vacation", "Idiot" (バカ, Baka), and Cancer, due to the crab motif Vaacance has.