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Debo Kyawaeen (Vampire Form)

Debo Kyawaeen (Vampire Form)

Debo Kyawaeen

Debo Kyawaeen (Baby Form)

Debo Kyawaeen
is a vampire-like Debo Monster, armed with a Kyawa Whip, under Sorrowful Knight Aigaron with the ability to assume the form of an infant whose cuteness makes her irresistible to most people, affecting even Raging Knight Dogold. Her infant form also allows her to be undetected by Torin due the form's innocent nature.

In her infant form, Debo Kyawaeen carries the Empty Shell Rattle that she uses to fire her Rattling Beam attack. Debo Kyawaeen aids Aigaron in a scheme to steal away the parents of spoiled children to get their sadness with the parents' joy over her cuteness as a bonus.

Even though she managed to take Kyoryu Gold's Gaburichanger, a changed Yuuji, a victim in Kyaween's scheme, managed to take it back, allowing the Kyoryuger to be rearmed, and after a clever use of using the Stymero Zyudenchi on the nearby Zorima and a mirror, Debo Kyawaeen was pinned by the enamored Zorima, leaving her wide open to Kyoryu Gold's Lightning Afterglow attack.

Enlarging herself by using the Joyro container she had stolen from Luckyuro, she faced off in a solo match with Pteraiden-Oh. After a brief skirmish, Kyawaeen used her child form to sneak around buildings, but was smacked back into her true form with the help of Bunpachy. After that, she was soon overpowered by Biting Combination Pteraiden-Oh Bunpachy and was finally ended by a Pteraiden-Oh Bunpachy Brave Finish.


  • Height: 195 cm (139 m: giant)
  • Weight: 48.8 kg (34.8 t: giant)
  • Debo Kyawaeen's name is derived from "cute" (かわいい, Kawaī) as well as two different ways of screaming in Japanese: the feminine Kya and the masculine Wa.

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