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Debo Kokodoko
Debo Kokodoko
is a Debo Monster themed after a maze, created to serve Sorrowful Knight Aigaron. His purpose was to make people become lost in their despair over the loss of their deceased loved ones, and in doing so, they become lost in his maze dimension. He is armed with the Big Scythe Goal.

After he was defeated by Kyoryu Blue with a Stegochi + Iguranodon Electro-Beast Brave Finish, he was destroyed by the teamwork of Kyoryuzin Western and a mind-controlled Zyudenryu Pteragordon when the Kyoryugers attempted to knock Pteragordon out of the sky by using Debo Kokodoko as a living anti-air attack, only for Pteragordon to destroy Kokodoko with a stream of lightning.


  • Height: 200 cm (giant: 50.0 m)
  • Weight: 163 kg (giant: 407.5 t)
  • Debo Kokodoko's name is a pun off of "Where am I?"

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