Debo Kibishydesu
Debo Kibishydesu
is a Debo Monster themed after a classroom with a strict personality that uses his Blastic Teaching technique to punish those he considers unproper. Having knowledge on the Kyoryugers' arsenal, Debo Kibishidesu is armed with the arm-mounted Gatling Pencil-HB gun.

He was created by Chaos to make Luckyuro a decent Deboss Army member by forcing him to attend his class to study research materials from the Deboth Text while formulating a scheme to destroy the Kyoryugers' Spirit Base.

However, though it nearly succeeded, the plan deviated a bit when Debo Kibishydesu's teaching habits gets the best of him and kidnaps Amy to make her into a proper lady, revealing their plot to destroy the Spirit Base in the process. This results in the Debo's Monster's death at a furious Kyoryu Gold's hands.


  • Height: 208 cm
  • Weight: 169 kg
  • Debo Kibishydesu's name come from the phrase "How harsh", which also explains Kibishydesu's teaching methods.