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Debo Jakireen
Debo Jakireen
is a Debo Monster themed after cutlery and armed with the built-in Loss Army Knife blades on his body, created to serve Sorrowful Knight Aigaron by using his Relationship-Cutting Shears and Arrow-Distinguishing Glasses to cut off the relationships between humans.

However, his greatest weapon is also is his greatest weakness, for if the Shears are broken in any degree, it reverses the damage done.

After his Shears were completely destroyed by a disguised Kyoryu Blue and Kyoryu Red, Debo Jakireen was defeated by Kyoryu Green and Kyoryu Gold, Debo Jakireen is enlarged before being destroyed by Pteraiden-Oh Western.


  • Height: 211 cm (giant: 52.7 m)
  • Weight: 171 kg (giant: 427.5 t)
  • Debo Jakireen's name is derived from the Japanese onomatopoeic of a pair of scissors' snipping.

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