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Debo Doronbosu
Debo Doronbosu is a thieving Debo Monster themed after both a raven and a bank vault, created to serve Sorrowful Knight Aigaron in order to deprive humans of their favorite things to make them sad. The Bick Bank in his chest can hold an infinite amount of things, and he has been given Aigaron's invincibility cloak, which allows the wearer to dodge incoming attacks, as long as the cloak covers the body and he can see the incoming attacks.

During his initial heist, Doronbosu had made Kyoryu Black suffer a trigger when the Monster grabbed Kyoryu Red in the same grapple that Aigaron did with Shiro. In their second encounter, Kyoryu Black had tried to use the Kentrospiker Beast Battery with his Gaburevolver, but the resulting disastrously powerful recoil from the attempted attack left the Kyoryugers in disarray and Doronbosu used this opportunity to flee.

After he was finally defeated with the now united and resolved Kyoryugers' Kentrospiker (which also destroyed Aigaron's cloak), he was enlarged to face against Kyoryuzin Western, and lost horribly to the mecha. ZSK-Debo Zaihodoron

Debo Zaihodoron

Later, Luckyuro and Aigaron's confusion as to which Debo Monster to recreate resulted in the creation of a hybrid of Debo Doronbosu and Debo Zaihon called Debo Zaihodoron.


  • Height: 203 cm (50.8: giant)
  • Weight: 165 kg (412.5t: giant)

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